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UPDATE: Batman-Themed VR Headset Set

Last week, we brought you a news story laying out a new VR headset coming from a company called Skyrocket. At the time, the only news related to the set was that it was set to release in the UK....

DC Kids: Make a 3D Super Hero

The latest episode of DC Kids has released and the hosts combine science and crafts for a good time.  

DC Kids: Behind the Scenes of a Justice League Action Toy Commercial

A new video from DC Kids shows off how a commercial was made for the Justice League Action line of toys from Mattel featuring Batman.  

DC Kids: Justice League Action Toys

The latest episode of DC Kids has released and showcases some of the Justice League Action and DC Super Hero Girls toys from Mattel.      

DC Kids: Make Your Own Super Hero Crest

The latest episode of DC Kids features a craft project on how to make your own super hero crest.  

DC Kids: Superhero Month Begins

DC Kids has released their latest episode and it features a couple of the new DC Super Hero Girl toys as well as the kickoff for Superhero Month.  

DC Kids: Inside New York Toy Fair

The latest video from DC Kids goes inside New York Toy Fair and shows off new items from LEGO and Mattel.  

DC Kids: Wonder Woman’s Shield

Warner Bros. has released the latest episode of DC Kids which focuses on creating Wonder Woman’s shield.  

DC Kids: Justice League Action

The latest episode of DC Kids has released and features a play through of the mobile game, Justice League Action: Run.  

New DC Family Friendly Web Show Launches

Warner Bros. has released a new show focusing on the younger fans. DC Kids is a web based show that will feature a look at the latest toys, shows and a ton more. A quick intro was released a few days...