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Review: Batman #28

Overview: After last issue’s brief interlude with Kite Man’s tragic origin story, we’re back to Bruce recounting war stories to Selina.  In this installment, we are told stories of turf...

Review: Teen Titans Special #1

(Spoilers ahead) “The Lazarus Contract” comes to a close this issue. As we spanned across the pages of “Titans,” “Teen Titans” and “Deathstroke” this issue opens with a series of...

DCU Spotlight: Review: Deathstroke #19

(Spoilers ahead) As the newest speedster races onwards, the next part of the “Lazarus Contract” continues with Deathstroke and Flash (Wally West) streaking across the opening panel. As...

Review: Teen Titans #8

(Spoilers ahead) In the second part of DC’s latest crossover called “The Lazarus Contract,” this issue opens with the speedster known as Kid Flash racing away from Teen Titans Tower. Giving a...

DC Versus: Deadshot vs Deathstroke

DC has posted the latest DC Versus and it features Deadshot and Deathstroke.