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Review: Super Sons #3

In Brief: Superboy and Robin have to fight their way out of a forest infested with Kid Amazo’s androids, even if what it takes is fighting each other.   Summary (spoilers): This action-packed...

Review: Super Sons #2

In Brief: Robin and Superboy lead Lex Luthor on a merry chase and find clues on who has been breaking into LexCorp.   Summary: Following the same structure of the previous issue, we start off...

Review: Super Sons #1

“So what’s your name?” “It’s Jonathan Kent, you know that.” “No, it’s Superboy, which means it’s time to forget going to bed on time… and...

DC All Access: Super Sons

In the latest video from DC All Access, the new series Super Sons is highlighted with an interview with artist Jorge Jimenez. Super Sons #1 is in stores today.  

Review: Earth 2 Society #9

Synopsis: “One Nation Indivisible” picks up where issue #8 ended with Hawkgirl discovering Fury and the surviving Amazonians. She watches as Fury spars with multiple warriors and tries to get...

Review: Earth 2: Society #8

Synopsis: Picking up after the formation of the Justice Society, the story now shows Hawkgirl who has been absent for some time. She has taken it upon herself to map out this new world. Kendra is...