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Review: Harley Quinn #37

Overview: Harley is pimping her enforcement services as Harley for Hire, a hero helper around NYC, as the Penguin expands his operations to the city!   Synopsis (spoilers ahead): Harley has...

Review: Harley Quinn #36

Overview: After being injected with the Man-Bat formula, Harley-Bat battles against the Gang of Harleys, as the rest of the gang tries to locate the serum to free Harley and Tony from the effects of...

Review: Batman: Rebirth #1

Synopsis:  Last week DC Universe: Rebirth crashed onto the scene, coinciding with the finales of both the Darkseid War and Last Days of Superman.  The trinity of stories effectively brought about...

Scott Snyder Confirms a “Year Two” for Batman: Eternal

    Today, Scott Snyder did a Reddit AMA (for the uninitiated, that stands for “ask me anything”) and answered dozens of fan questions both about Batman and his other titles....

Review: Batman #35

I apologize to you guys for this being so late. It’s been a real busy week for me. But in the week that I’ve let this issue simmer in my mind, the more excited I got. I saw the reaction...

Episode 142

Join Dustin, Ed and Stella as they cover TBU Comic news from the past two weeks as well as review Batman #34, Detective Comics #34 and Batman Eternal #18-19.