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Review: Batman and Harley Quinn

Overview: In a comedy set in the style of Batman: The Animated Series, Batman and Nightwing begrudgingly enlist a reformed Harley Quinn to stop Poison Ivy and the Floronic Man from destroying the...

SDCC: Batman and Harley Quinn

Batman and Harley Quinn is the twenty-ninth entry in the DC direct-to-video series of animated movies, and is slated for theatrical and digital release on August 14 and August 15 respectively, and...

DC All Access: Batman and Harley Quinn

DC All Access has released a new video focusing on the Batman and Harley Quinn film and talking with the cast at Comic Con.  

Batman and Harley Quinn Plot and Release Detailed

While just the thought of seventy plus minutes of Batman/Harley Quinn hijinx is enough to satisfy some Batman fans, Warner Bros. released additional details on the upcoming Batman and Harley Quinn...

Last Week in the Batcave

Hiya, me guano stinkin’ fellas! Past week had so much news that it got hard to digest, and we are still being overfed with tidbits of news about Dark Nights: Metal. As if we weren’t getting...