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Review: Red Hood and the Outlaws #14

Overview: As the Outlaws adjust to the new benefits of a super smart Bizarro leading their team, Bizarro upgrades both their arsenal as well as headquarters. Whether or not this new Bizarro is around...

DCU Spotlight: Review: Dark Nights: Metal #2

Overview: Batman plays world-wide hide and seek with the Justice League, and then turns into a door.   Synopsis (spoilers ahead): The Justice League are searching all over for Batman. Superman...

Last week in the Batcave

Last Tuesday, Batman: The Animated Series celebrated 25 years since it first aired. The reason for many of us to be gathered here in the underground of Wayne Manor today, the series is up to this day...

DC Versus: Joker vs Red Hood

DC All Access has released their latest versus video which features Joker against Jason Todd’s Red Hood.  

Review: Red Hood and the Outlaws Annual #1

Overview: After joining a Russian circus as a traveling act, the Outlaws gain a new member in Nightwing to take on KG Beast. Although a short lived partnership, Jason and Dick are given a chance to...

Review: Trinity #12

Overview: Continuing the story from Trinity Annual #1, the Trinity seeks help from a few supernatural allies to free Red Hood and the Outlaws from Circe’s magic.   Synopsis (spoilers...

Review: Batwoman #6

Overview: In a dystopic future, Batwoman and Red Hood take it upon themselves to stop the dictatorship established in Gotham by the new Batman.   Synopsis (spoilers ahead): The first two pages...

DC Versus: Nightwing vs Red Hood

DC All Access has released their latest DC Versus video this week featuring Nightwing vs Red Hood. Who do you think would win?