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Episode 0

A zero episode? Yes zero. Keeping in the theme with the last two Zero Hour episodes, this episode is a special one for Rob. This episode will be about what made Rob the Robin fan he is today and why...

The New Batman Adventures-Sins of the Father

Don and Josh are here to give commentary on an episode of The New Batman Adventures, Sins of the Father.

Episode 60

Here is part two of our Zero Hour coverage as we continue with Robin #0. The Zero Hour event has reset some thing in the universe…but did it really reset anything for Tim? Terence, Ryan, Rob...

Superhero Socialism: A History of Anarky (Part One)

One of Batman’s secondary, but widely-studied and highly-controversial rogues is back in the pages of Detective Comics. The enigmatic Anarky made a surprise return in the final page of Detective...

Last Week in the Batcave

This is a week filled with joy, Bat-visitors, for this is a week filled with Bat-boys. From Nightwing being cast for the Titans series, to the boys appearing in Batman, Tim being a nerd in Detective...

Episode 166

Gerry and Chris are hear to cover the next installment of Bat-Books for Beginners. This time around Robin: To Kill a Bird is covered which includes Robin #135-139. Be sure to leave your comments...