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Review: Detective Comics #964

Overview: As Basil Karlo struggles with his inner Clayface, Stephanie Brown faces dangerous revelations from both Anarky and Batman.   Synopsis (spoilers ahead): Yesterday, at Arkham Asylum,...

Superhero Socialism: A History of Anarky (Part Two)

Welcome to Part Two of a retrospective look at the history of Anarky, who is officially back in the pages of Detective Comics—having appeared in Detective Comics #957, #963 and #964 (which...

DC All Access: Spoiler Teams with Anarky

The latest video from DC All Access features James Tynion talking about the current situation with Spoiler, who the story revolves around in today’s Detective Comics.  

Review: Detective Comics #963

Overview: Spoiler (Stephanie Brown) struggles with her mission as her partner, Anarky, reveals his larger plan to her.   Synopsis (spoilers ahead): Several months ago, before Tim Drake (Red...