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TBU 2012 Blooper Show


Join Melinda as she takes you through the bloopers of 2012 as well as some favorites from years past.


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  • Kevin

    Love these blooper show. I only wish it was longer.

  • Alex

    Great job hosting Melinda! I love the blooper shows! I've listened to the previous ones a couple times, especially the Teen Titans one. This was a tremendous pick-me-up. I really appreciate all the work you guys do. Thanks!

  • Kevin

    my favorite part is when Dustin found out about 2 girls one cup and Don's reaction when Dustin said to Joe to send a link. "NOOO!"

  • Jon Roke

    I love the blooper show. There are some hilarious clips in there. And I like how dead pan you are in it. my challenge still stands.

  • Micah Evans

    lmao at the batman on film stuff
    that site is so awful! I had to stop going there because of jett.