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TBU After Cast #1



Join the three grumpiest members of the TBU staff as they discuss the butchering of Barbara Gordon in the New 52.



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  • Jon

    I love what you did with the intro Joe. That was great.

  • Josh

    As a young bisexual male, may I just say how great it is to hear such a topic approached with the high degree of sensitivity and maturity as you guys did. As for the transsexual scene in the book itself, while I thought that it was a little spontaneous and out of left field, im sure Gale Simone meant well in introducing a transsexual character for transsexuals to relate to. I feel the real controversy comes from DC itself for making a song and dance about the whole thing in order to increase interest in the book.

    The solution to the issue of equality for any sexuality lies not in putting the LGBT on a pedestal for all to see, but rather just weaving them into the existing status quo. As you guys mentioned, Batwoman is a great example of sexuality presented correctly, in that it’s no big deal, it’s simply a part of the character and is not used to try and sell more books as part of a publicity stunt. Harper Row's brother is another example of sexuality I found to be done correctly, there is no single panel simply saying "Im gay…”, but rather it is inferred from his comments about Tim Drake and the homophobic behaviour of the bullies. Scott Snyder doesn’t dance around the issue and pretend it’s all easy and rose scented, rather he presents the things some people actually have to go through, yet deals with it by still showing that being LGBT is ok through Harpers love for her brother.

    I can only hope as time passes that the hot topic of LGBT marriage and rights etc settles down as they become increasingly accepted in America and around the world, as with this acceptance will come comics that approach the topic in a stronger fashion, as I feel this is a case of art imitating life as opposed to life imitating art.

    Once again, great to hear your thoughts on the issue guys, and great to hear your thoughts on this series, which I too am finding to be kind of dull and considering dropping! 

  • Jon

    Hi Josh, that is exactly the same that I feel about it. Someone's sexuality shouldnt be the defining feature of them but nor should it be ignored at all. Hapre Rows brother is another good example that I completely forgot about. In both those cases it is just part of them and is mentioned but it is done in subtle ways as you say. I think society is moving in that direction and certainly I think in my life time it will be seen as just a thing. In the same way that racism is dying slowly. 


    As for the comic I dropped this after the first issue it has just been awful. I had to buy a few issues to catch up with what is going on and really wish I hadn't bothered at all.