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TBU After Christmas List #1


So Christmas has once again come and gone. You're probably at home now whilst friends and family are making their journeys back, you'll still be digesting the mountain of food that you ate and more often than not you'll be left with a pile of unwanted presents. Sure it's the thought that counts but how much thought went in to that scarf and glove set? And how many bottles of cheap aftershave do you have to get before you start wondering if people are trying to tell you something?


Well start looking for those gift receipts and fear not! This here is the After Christmas list that you wish you'd given out to people but it's not too late to get some decent, Batman related goodies for yourself!


For our first list, we'll be looking at Merchadise! Click on the images to be taken straight to a website where the item can be purchased..


It's still pretty cold out so maybe you'll want to wrap up warm in this Girl's Batman Hoodie


 Girl's Batman Hoodie


Or maybe you'd be more comfortable in this Classic Batman T-Shirt


Classic Batman T-Shirt


For the collectors out there you could always go for the Batman Legacy: Arkham City Robin and Joker 2-Pack


Batman: Legacy BAC Robin and Joker


Or perhaps you would prefer the TBU favorite Black and White Batman Statue by Dustin Nguyen


Black and White Dustin Nguyen Batman Statue


If you're looking for something useful then you may be interested in the 2GB Joker Mimobot USB


Mimobot Joker Flash Drive


And finally, if you are somebody who likes to read, then why not get your hands on Riddle Me This, Batman!


Riddle Me This, Batman!


Or perhaps you'll go for the item that I'm most excited about purchasing and that is The Batman Files


The Batman Files


That's the best of the best for merchandise, if there wasn't anything that took your fancy or if you have even more to spend, check back at TBU soon for more After Christmas Lists; next up will be comics related gifts.


Posted by Joe Jinks

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