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TBU Book Watch: Gods on the Street of Gotham

From Tyndale:


Tyndale’s God on the Streets of Gotham to Trigger Spiritual Dialogue alongside Upcoming Batman Film


God on the Streets of Gotham


Carol Stream, IL— The Caped Crusader has captured the imagination of generations of young boys. Batman epitomizes strength, goodness, bravery, and power, but he has also garnered some negative criticism over the decades, especially in Christian circles. Often noble and admirable, he also can be brutal and angry. With all his faults, can a dark, secular superhero serve as a Christian role model? In God on the Streets of Gotham, releasing from Tyndale in June, Paul Asay, associate editor at Plugged In, gives a resounding yes.


Just in time for the July launch of The Dark Knight Rises, the final chapter in the Christopher Nolan film trilogy, God on the Streets of Gotham sheds light on the redemptive spiritual truths found in the story of Batman, with an emphasis on the recent movies. From an army of deceptive opponents to his submission and dedication to a higher ideal, Batman encounters many of the same challenges that Christians face along their spiritual journey.


God on the Streets of Gotham is an excellent resource to help parents explore spiritual elements in these blockbuster films with their children and teenagers. As Batman navigates the oft-depraved streets of Gotham City, his intriguing story provides a thrilling backdrop for families to discuss the themes of integrity, perseverance, submission, and sacrifice. Paul Asay thoughtfully creates a way to apply the awe-inspiring feats of a beloved but secular superhero to the daily Christian walk.


Paul Asay is associate editor at Plugged In, a ministry that reaches more than six million people with movie reviews that help people understand popular cultural trends and how they intersect with spiritual issues. Paul is an award-winning journalist who covered religion at The Gazette (Colorado Springs) and whose work has been published by such outlets as The Washington Post, Christianity Today, Youth Worker Journal, and Beliefnet.com. Paul has a special interest in the unexpected ways faith and media intersect. He lives in Colorado Springs with his wife, Wendy, and two children.


The title is available now.



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  • Alex Aguilera

    Interesting. The Batman has really been a real integral part in helping define my moral code. Batman fan from the womb!