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TBU Caption Competition


I must say, I'm very disappointed; not one response to the last image! Perhaps it just wasn't inspiring enough, to combat this, I've found a panel that's sure to get  your creative juices flowing.



I should probably remind you all to keep your comments as 'PG-13' (I believe that's the right expression) as possible, but let's be serious, I want you all to have fun with this one! So don't forget that you don't have to be confined by the speech bubbles that are already there and be creative, leave your suggestions in the comment section below and check back here next Thursday to see if you've won.


Posted by Joe Jinks

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5 thoughts on “TBU Caption Competition

  1. Michael DeLozier (DancingMike)

    Holy bad kitty, Batman! That panther just spoiled our "America's Funniest Home Videos" shoot!


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