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TBU Caption Competition

Well here it is, the second of many TBU Caption Competitions!


Batman and Robin Running


We got off to a good start last week, let's see how many responses we can get to this weeks image. Keep in mind that the speech bubble is just a guide; if you can think of something funnier that requires a different speech layout then go ahead and say it, just make sure it's clear in your comment.


Good luck!


Posted by Joe Jinks

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8 thoughts on “TBU Caption Competition

  1. jon roke

    Holy Usain Batman! Do you think we can beat the fast man on earth and get into the Jamaican olyimpics team?
    Batman: Cause me Brother. I have me Bat Sneakers mun.

  2. jon roke

    thank god they gave us the right back drop batman. last time they mucked up and we were stuck running from king kong


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