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TBU Caption Competition


As promised, here is this weeks image. Like I said yesterday, we got a decent number of responses to the last image and all of them were really funny, I'd like to see the number of people taking part in this grow and it really does cheer me up seeing some of the responses, be creative and don't be shy about contributing…



Posted by Joe Jinks

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  • jon roke

    My Ice Cream! I asked if you wanted one

  • jon roke

    I wanted Ben and Jerrys!

  • jon roke

     You will thank me. do you want to be like the guy in the photo from the last caption competition?

  • jon roke

    Jaime Oliver said these were bad for you

  • Austen Beattie

    I take my chocolate….with JUSTICE!!

  • JokesOnYou771

    Put that down and get yourself a protein bar, kid!

  • You must be the new Paul Dini villain, The Ice Cream Eater.

  • Michael DeLozier (DancingMike)

    I told you… stop making faces at me!

  • Amadeus

    Put it back! There's a lock on the bat-freezer for a reason!