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TBU Caption Competition

TBU Caption Competition


For this week's entry, I have decided to up the ante with a new twist. While we have had some great captions come out of the competition, I want to see real gold when looking at these comments next week. So here is the deal. If there are twenty different responses from at least ten different people I will personally send one of the exclusive Warner Bros. Comic Con Bags featuring the new Justice League to you. Like I said, spread the word if you want to win, because ten different people need to reply.


So here is the image.


Batman on Mic


One more thing, Batman watches IP addresses.


Posted by Dustin Fritschel

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8 thoughts on “TBU Caption Competition

  1. Joe Jinks

    "Am I blu… ok, look,  this is getting ridiculous! I've been singing for at least 8 hours now! Can I please stop?"

  2. jon Roke

    Hey your listening to bat-radio on 96.6fm. Im your host Batman taking you through the night till 2am. So lets meet our first caller a Mr P. N. Guin

  3. Michael DeLozier

    Eleven seconds, you've got ten seconds, the countdown going on right now! Morrow, up to Silk. Five seconds left in the game. Do you believe in miracles?…YES!

  4. Michael DeLozier

    Jingle bells, Batman smells, Robin laid an egg! Batmobile lost a wheel, Joker got away!

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