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TBU Drinking Game

Now, we pride ourselves here at TBU for being (for the most part) a family friendly show, but if DC are producing things like these…



… maybe we should come up with a use for them.


This first version of the game will pertain most specifically to the comic podcast but depending on its popularity I'm sure the game will grow or even separate in to podcast specific versions. In any case, this was in-part inspired by 'DetectiveComedy' and if anyone else has some good rules we can add them in a monthly update. I say "in-part" because, although you may not have picked up on it, there is already an established rule in the TBU Drinking Game! Although it's never been stated, there is a rule that a shot must be drunk every time there is a Marvel reference. These typically come from Don and Stella and met with sighs from Dustin and I but the occasional hint to the rule has slipped through, and now it is official. So to start off with:


  • Marvel reference- 1 shot
  • Dustin mentions "The history"- 1 shot
  • Stella mentions "The history"- 2 shots
  • The statement "It just doesn't make any sense!"- 1 shot (Credit to 'DetectiveComedy')
  • A co-host begins to sing- Drink until the song ends
  • A swear word manages to escape censorship- Finish your drink
  • A unanimous 5 out of 5 batarangs is given- Finish your drink


So there we have the first edition of the TBU Drinking Game, please comment with any other rules that you think should be included and I'd love to start seeing comments on the episode posts about how many shots people counted. Obviously if you are going to play along, please do so responsibly and have fun!


Posted by Joe Jinks

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  • DetectiveComedy

    Who says internet trolling doesn't get results?  

    Thanks Joe, for running with this, it was so funny to hear my comment read on the cast and I'm really glad you guys got a kick out if it.  I'll do my best to regularly contribute some more fun stuff.  I truly enjoy the podcast, as a new reader its good to get some perspective from more seasoned readers without the condesention of the stereotypical Simpsons Comic Book Guy.  Suggestion: How about an "About the Podcaster" section so we can get to know you guys some more, maybe list some of your favorite Bat-story-arcs of all time? 

    Cheers Bat-Mates, keep up the good work.

    • Joe Jinks

      Another great idea! On the old site there was a small bio for each of the hosts and there was even a call in show quite a while back. I think Dustin is the only host still around from that but you can go back and listen to it on the TBU Specials Feed; it's really funny. Another call in show is something that we regularly think about doing so maybe if there's some support for it we will.

      And definitely keep contributing; we always love interacting with our listeners!