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TBU After Cast #2



Join the three grumpiest members of the TBU staff as they discuss the onslaught of Bat-books releasing in September.



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  • Alex

    Great episode guys! Although this is an "onslaught", you guys continue to be very respectful and humble throughout the casts and I appreciate it. It's just really funny hearing Drowning Pool and expecting a bunch of rants and you all act so modest. I'm really looking forward to the next episode. I have quite a few complaints in regards to the Batman Universe that you addressed on other casts. I'm really getting sick of how emo the books have gotten lately and overall the new 52 taking itself too seriously. I really like serious stories, but they need to be much more grounded, because otherwise it comes off as silly with everyone acting so egotistical and grim. Part of me wants to drop out of the new 52 Batman titles and wait for the writers to mature. Although Batman Beyond may not be an amazing title, I'm thoroughly enjoying it for the fact that it feels like I'm reading the DC comics I know and love. I just read the last issue and it reminded me why I loved Superman so much, when he said "If being good was easy, the world would be a much better place". I have to say though, I was very happy with the last Nightwing issue because that felt like the Dick Grayson character.

  • Mary G

    On the podcast, you mention how much digital comic sales were growing so I was wondering if there are any reports that show exactly what comics are being downloaded. Are they the current releases or are they older issues?  Personally, I download a lot of old issues that would take me forever and cost a fortune to collect, such as the War Games arc.  If I'm going to pay full price for a comic, I want something tangible I can hold.

  • Jason Ritter

    How About an After cast episode on The Batman/Superman movie coming in 2015 or one on Digital comics? anyways keep up the good work

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