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TBU Exclusive: “Season two is a beast of no kind” says Gotham star David Mazouz

david mazouz

On June 27th and 28th, David Mazouz joined a few of his Gotham cast mates at Walker Stalker Con in Orlando. The Batman Universe was able to check in with him.


On Season 2:

“It’s exciting. Season two is a beast of no kind. It’s going to be exciting especially for Bruce’s storyline. He’s going to kick some more butt. He’s not going to be as scared. He’s going to turn into Batman a little more”.


Favorite episode:

“Does it have to be that’s aired so far? I can’t really talk about it, but I think that season….we haven’t even shot it yet but I just got the script and it’s phenomenal. I think that the first two episodes of season two, especially the second episode are phenomenal. I can’t really tell you much about it but it’s a good one”.


Favorite moments or surprises from Season 1:

“Definitely finding the batcave. That was very cool. I didn’t find out from the script, Danny (Cannon) had actually told me earlier on, but still it’s really cool. I think episode eight when I got to beat up Tommy Elliot. When I read that script it was awesome.”


At this point David honored my request and said “I’m Batman” using his best Batman voice. The epic moment can be found below.



Final words for the fans:

“Season two is going to be epic and you’ll have to tune in”


Gotham returns to Fox on Monday, September 21st.

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