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TBU Fan Film Showcase: Batman: The Line

Another fan film has come across the offices of TBU and this time we found out about it from the director himself. Henry Tripson shared his film with us and a little bit of information about his film and how it came to be.


Following the events found within the comic books Batman #424-425, comes an original story by Henry Tripson. The use of lethal force is called into question by Robin. As Batman defends his position, an old encounter with The Joker is reflected upon.

Batman: The Line is a fan film that took, from conception to distribution, almost 7 years to complete. Cost was the main reason it took so long, being produced almost 100% out of my own pocket. But other factors, such as figuring out how to build a Batcave set into my spare apartment bedroom, or trying to find a way to get shallow depth of field on a pretty basic miniDV consumer camcorder also took time. But the importance I placed on quality over speed, the message that was to be conveyed, and the support of the cast gave me persistence and determination like no other. And now with every single detail of the film set just right, I'm proud to finally share this film in the hopes it may inspire as well as entertain. For more information on it's production, I'd encourage any interested to visit my blog I've kept over the years showing all my progress on the film.



So what did you think? Leave your thoughts in the comment sections below and email us if you have a fan film to share.


Posted by Dustin Fritschel

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