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TBU Fan Made: Batgirl: Spoiled Episode 1

TBU Fan Made


When was the last time we features a TBU Fan Made piece? Too long!


The piece we are featuring today is something that we will hopefully be featuring every time a new episode releases. A little while back, there was an announcement that hit the net that some fans were putting together a quality production of Stephanie Brown's run as Batgirl. The series titled Batgirl: Spoiled promises a full season run with new episodes released regularly.


The cool thing about the project is that there are some of our friends from Gotham Public Works involved. We interviewed GPW back in 2008 and talked about a different series that they were working on. Four years later, we are treated to something really well-done and completely true to the character of Stephanie Brown.


Take a look at the first episode below and look forward to more episodes coming soon.



Posted by Dustin Fritschel

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  • Donovan Grant

    Overall I liked. The near-rape scene made me uncomfortable as I think there could have been better ways for her to overcome adversity in the very first episode.