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TBU Fan Made: TDKR Volume 1

I thought it might be cool to feature some unique creations by fans. These could be anything. From edited videos to unique images.


This take is a series of fan made trailers for The Dark Knight Rises. More of these will surely come out as time goes on, but for now let's see what is out there that makes this volume.



This one is an interesting one. As far as we know, Hugo Strange will not be in the film. But the idea of Robin Williams playing him is cool. Props to the creator for taking clips and audio from non-Batman films as well. It also reminds me of past trailers from Nolan.



The catch with this one is that it seems that Bruce Wayne is questioning people in his civilian guise. I'm not sure if that makes sense given the attitude for Bruce is one who does not care. Props go to the editing of the Tom Hardy Picture in the Crane interrogation scene.



This is probably the best one I have seen so far. Between the quick and almost seamless edits and the perfect placements of the edited news stories, you can tell that the fan who made this one was really looking to make something great.


So what do you think of these? Have a favorite or have you seen another one around the net that you think should be shared? Leave your comments in the section below. Do you have something you want to see posted in Fan Made? Email us at content@thebatmanuniverse.net


Posted by Dustin Fritschel

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  • Joe Jinks

    I remember that the first one came out just a couple of days or so before the real trailer, it had a lot of people wondering if it was a genuine leaked trailer. I wasn't convinced because of all the footage taken from the previous films but looking at the the actual teaser there's probably more already seen film in it than all of these trailers put together.