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TBU Five Year Anniversary Show



Join Jon as he takes you through the last five years of The Batman Universe with a look at the timeline of how everything formed to interviews with past and present co-hosts.



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28 thoughts on “TBU Five Year Anniversary Show

  1. Alex

    Thanks a lot for doing this Jon. I'm excited to listen! I just finished listening to the Blooper show and I am almost finished with the comic cast. It's been a great day! Happy 5th Birthday!

  2. Kevin

    I just want to say Thank You Chris, Apple, Jon, Joe, Carl, Savannah, Josh, Josh G, Nick, Zach, Melinda, Don, Stella, Jon Wilson, Humphrey, Ryan and especially Dustin for creating the definitive Batman podcast. It's great to hear all the past co-host back. Congratulations on 5 great years. And I honestly think that in some other universe out there, Dustin is actually Batman.

  3. Kevin

    Oh, and by the way I don't want to sound like Josh(Shipping two of podcast co-host), But Don and Stella should just hook up and just get it over with because you can hear it on the comic popdcast with the constant flirting.

  4. Jon Roke

    odd that you should say that Kevin as I was talking to Melinda and saying we needed a TBU marriage. Don and stella looking at you! Cause they and Josh have no each other for years and years.

  5. Steve Rogers

    I liked the bit Josh was saying about his dynamic with Don and Stella as compared with Dustin.  I joked to Dustin when I found out that he was not going to San Diego this past year that I wondered if San Diego was ready for the shenanigans those three would have without Dustin around!  =;)

  6. dave

    awesome job Jon, highly enjoyable trip down memory lane kudos!  if the wedding happens, Dustin has to become an ordained minister and perform the service.  it's the right thing to do!  

  7. Jon Roke

    Dave I like it. But he has to wear a batcowl to.
    Stella: nothing. Kevin started it. *walks off nonchelontly whistling*.

  8. Jon Roke

    Ha ha! I could do. Although that seems a bit extreme just for a TBU wedding. Maybe I could only cover issues about people getting married.

  9. dave

    ha, love it!  we can make that happen.  who will be Maze though?   now i want to read it again. thanks stella 🙂

  10. Jon Roke

    Yes, yes it will Stella. I am not sure how we could though. A lot of photo shopping I reckon. Or a huge TBU meet and greet.

  11. Jon Roke

    Yeah travel can be a real pain. Plus the cost of traveling to the places and hotels as well. They have summer hikes in costs here in the UK so if you dont book well in advance getting the US becomes thousands of pounds. However I stick with my comment to Kevin of watching this space. for maybe something.

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