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TBU Review Roundup 2/24

Below you will find brief descriptions of this week’s comics along with the ratings. Below the main TBU titles will be the DC Universe specific titles that feature characters from The Batman Universe. Rather than giving in depth reviews for those titles, we will be describing what happens in the book involving TBU characters and how it possibly impacts the story.


TBU Books:


Batman and Robin Eternal #21: In the aftermath of the Cairo disaster, Bruce Wayne must ask himself: how is Batman different than Mother? 4/5


Dark Knight III: The Master Race #3: As Quar begins his destruction of the Earth and its people, Bruce and Carrie turn to a frozen Superman for help. Disgusted by the actions of his people, Clark intervenes only to find that his own daughter may have sided with the Kryptonian madman. 4/5


Grayson #17: Dick and Tiger try to evade the syndicate’s agents as Grifter interrogates Tao as it is revealed that Helena Bertinelli must die. 4/5


We Are Robin #9: As the Jokers movement begins to grow with Smiley at its head, the Robins begin to take steps towards creating their new futures. Some try to hold on to a normal life while others advance their vigilante careers through experimentation and trial by combat. 2.5/5


Justice League #48: The Justice League begrudgingly joins forces with Owlman and the Crime Syndicate to defeat the Anti-Monitor. Even without the Anti-Life Equation, Mobius is still driven to destroy the Earth. Seemingly unbeatable after putting down the Justice League and its allies, Mobius may have finally met his match when Lex Luthor, God of Apokolips, enters the fray with his parademon army. 4.5/5


Teen Titans #17: This issue starts an arc into the real identity of who Wonder Girl is. The search takes the team across the country and even to London where Red Robin comes face to face with an Amazon. 4/5


DC Universe Books:


Suicide Squad Most Wanted: Deadshot and Katana #2: Deadshot goes AWOL during his current mission leaving his partner behind to confront his dying father. Waller sends the Squad to retrieve him. Katana starts her search of the kidnapped Dr. Jayce but soon runs into trouble with KOBRA. The Suicide Squad makes an appearance in the end.


Justice League 3001 #9: Tina-Robin and her personal Gigantor, Batbot, help Wonder Woman and the Flash fight the Scullions on Cadmusworld. Also, Eclipso forms a Legion of Death to destroy what is left of the Justice League in the latest beautiful, yet bizarre issue.

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