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TBU Review Roundup 12/21


Below you will find brief descriptions of this week’s comics along with the ratings. Below the main TBU titles will be the DC Universe specific titles that feature characters from The Batman Universe. Rather than giving in depth reviews for those titles, we will be describing what happens in the book involving TBU characters and how it possibly impacts the story.


Main TBU Books

Batman #13: It turns out Catwoman was in on the long con the entire time as Batman and his team take down Bane and Psycho Pirate as “I am Suicide” wraps up. -Matthew 4/5


Nightwing #11: Defacer operates in a group called the Run-Off’s comprising of former Nightwing and Birds of Prey villains from pre-New 52. Nightwing investigates Gorilla Grimm’s innocence and is put in a shipping situation with the alter ego of the Defacer. -David 4/5


Harley Quinn #10: Harley heads to the mall to get a picture with Santa only to believe that Santa is sick and she is the only one who can save him. -David 3.5/5


Secondary TBU Books (miniseries/digital firsts)

None this week


Main DC Universe Books

Justice League #11: As the League face a number of villains who are all after a hefty bounty, Jessica Cruz returns to assist turning Amazon on the rest of the villains and ending the fight. -Paul 2.5/5


Trinity #4: As the Trinity encounter Wonder Woman’s dream world, the team becomes closer as they realize the main villain behind their dream-states is Mongul. -Bill 5/5


Justice League vs Suicide Squad #1: As the Suicide Squad are one mission, the Justice League determine that they need to stop Amanda Waller’s team all the while a team of villains is formed and lead by Maxwell Lord. -Gerry 3/5


Secondary DC Universe Books (involving TBU cameos and digital firsts)

Aquaman #13: Batman appears alongside the Justice League as they try to figure out who is behind the conspiracy of Atlantis attacking the surface world.


Green Arrow #13: Black Canary continues to assist in the investigation of who is trying to frame Green Arrow for a number of murders around Seattle.


Injustice: Ground Zero #2 (digital chapters #3-4): Harley continues her fight alongside the alternate Earth’s Justice League against the Regime. She is about to save Batman when she realizes that the alternate Earth’s Joker has also arrived.


Suicide Squad Most Wanted: El Diablo and Amanda Waller #5: The previously mentioned character of Azucar is present in the El Diablo story along with an appearance from Deadshot. In the Amanda Waller story, both Harley Quinn and Deadshot appear as part of the Suicide Squad team.


Teen Titans Go! #19 (digital chapters #37-38): Dick Grayson’s Robin is featured as the Teen Titans deal with pranks, Trigon’s failed attempt to throw a party and the Herring King.


TBU Trade and Hardcover Release List

All-Star Batman #1: Director’s Cut

Teen Titans: Year One New Edition TPB

Suicide Squad Volume 5: Apokolips Now TPB

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