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TBU Review Roundup 2/8


Below you will find brief descriptions of this week’s comics along with the ratings. Below the main TBU titles will be the DC Universe specific titles that feature characters from The Batman Universe. Rather than giving in depth reviews for those titles, we will be describing what happens in the book involving TBU characters and how it possibly impacts the story.


Main TBU Books

Detective Comics #950: Three stories are told in this oversized issue which setup a variety of upcoming story arcs. Cassandra and the League of Shadows is focused on while Azrael and the Order of St. Dumas is hinted at along with a possible huge story arc involving all of the books Batman is involved in. -Ian 4.5/5


All-Star Batman #7: Batman tracks down Poison Ivy, who is working on a botany experiment in Death Valley, to better understand the bacteria that was introduced be Mr. Freeze. In the back-up Duke struggles with training and finding his place.


Batgirl and the Birds of Prey #7: The Birds deal with Zodiac Master before investigating their real estate agents who have tried to break in to the Clocktower multiple times. -Ian 4.5/5


Red Hood and the Outlaws #7: Jason works alongside Bizarro and after an unfortunate event, questions whether or not Bizarro will be able to control himself going forward. -Bill 4.5/5


Gotham Academy: Second Semester #6: The Detective Club continue to try and figure out a way to keep Colton from being expelled. This leads them to encounter Eric, a symbolist, who leads them to even more questions. -Gerry 3.5/5


Secondary TBU Books (miniseries/digital firsts)

None this week


Main DC Universe Books

Justice League of America: Rebirth #1: Batman recruits his own Justice League which includes Killer Frost, Black Canary, Lobo, the Atom, the Ray and Vixen. -Paul 4.5/5


Titans #8: The Titans experience some more down time while Mal and Karen visit Meta Solutions in hopes of helping Karen deal with her newfound powers. -Jim 3/5


Suicide Squad #11: As Amanda Waller is sidelined after the events of the Justice League/Suicide Squad crossover, the squad request some downtime. Rustam proceeds to reign hell upon Waller, while she is presumably shot. -Corbin 4/5


Secondary DC Universe Books (involving TBU cameos and digital firsts)

Earth 2: Society #21: Batman (Dick Grayson) and Huntress (Helena Wayne) encounter Ultra Humanite in order to stop the impending destruction of the Wonders. As they fight, Batman seemingly takes too many blows and may have died.


Justice League/Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers #2: After the Power Rangers are convinced that the Justice League is not their enemy, Batman is freed and they all realize that the world is under attack at multiple cities.


New Super-Man #8: The Bat-Man of China fights to keep the cowl at the Academy of the Bat. After triumphantly beating his challenger, he deals with a new threat.


TBU Trade and Hardcover Release List

Robin War TPB

New Teen Titans Volume 6 TPB

Justice League: Gods and Monsters TPB

Earth 2 Volume 6: Collision TPB

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