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TBU Review Roundup 2/10

This week we start a new article series rounding up all of the reviews for the week. Below you will find brief descriptions of this week’s comics along with the ratings. Below the main TBU titles will be the DC Universe specific titles that normally feature characters from The Batman Universe. Rather than giving in depth reviews for those titles, we will be describing what happens in the book involving TBU characters and giving it a thumbs up, neutral or thumbs down rating as we do on the comic cast.


TBU Books:


Batman #49: BATMAN IS BACK! 4.5/5


Batman and Robin Eternal #19: The Robins and Spyral leadership struggle against Mother’s Ichthys mind control signal at Spyral Headquarters. 3.5/5


Batman/Superman #29: Batman and Superman investigate a murder on the moon that takes them into deep space and in the crosshairs of Lobo. 4.5/5


Batman/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #3: Batman and the Ninja Turtles battle Shredder and Penguin before Ra’s al Ghul shows up. 4/5


Batman ’66 Meets the Man from U.N.C.L.E. #3: The Dynamic Duo travel to Europe with Batgirl and the Men from U.N.C.L.E. to stop the dastardly plans of T.H.R.U.S.H. 3.5/5


Batman: Arkham Knight – Batgirl/Harley Quinn Special #1: A special one-shot telling an untold story of Batgirl and Harley Quinn’s past. 4/5


Red Hood/Arsenal #9: This issue continues the story of the group in the Nethers beneath the City of Gotham. Jason encounters the Iron Rule while Roy finds Joker’s Daughter. When the group reunite, they work to stop the plan of Charon to cause the physical collapse of Gotham City. 4/5


Catwoman #49: Selina is on the run from the Gotham City Police as well as assassins aiming to collect Penguin’s million dollar bounty on her head as she tries to solve the mystery of the Frost Diamond. 4/5


Harley’s Little Black Book #2: Harley loses her head – more than usual – as she causes an extracurricular extraterrestrial extravaganza with Green Lantern and a warship full of dangerous aliens. 4/5


Gotham Academy #15: Part two of the yearbook story arc reveals more staff of the Academy have more in common with the Batman ’66 series than we ever imagined. 2.5/5


New Suicide Squad #17: A new creative team takes over the title as the team heads to Hong Kong, but will they all survive the creative team change? 3.5/5


Injustice: Gods Among Us: Year Five #3: The Bat-Family makes plans to save Catwoman from the clutches of Bane, while Batman prepares for the face to face encounter with Superman. 4/5


DC Comics Bombshells #9: The latest issue delves into the history of Kortni and Mera with a fight between Wonder Woman and the Baroness looming. We are also introduced to Edward Nygma and are shown his variation for this world. 3.5/5


DC Universe Books:


Black Canary #8: The White Ninja is revealed as Dinah’s aunt. Vixen makes an appearance as the band begins their European tour. Neutral


Earth 2: Society #9: Batman makes a brief appearance in recruiting Red Arrow. Thumbs Up

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