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TBU Review Roundup 8/2


Below you will find brief descriptions of this week’s comics along with the ratings. Below the main TBU titles will be the DC Universe specific titles that feature characters from The Batman Universe. Rather than giving in depth reviews for those titles, we will be describing what happens in the book involving TBU characters and how it possibly impacts the story.


Main TBU Books

Batman #28: The stories of turf control, military involvement, and the great sniper battle between Deathstroke and Deadshot are all told in the latest installment. -Matthew 3/5


Nightwing #26: Dick Grayson is reunited with Huntress as Spyral is reintroduced into his life. -David 4/5


Secondary TBU Books (miniseries/digital firsts)

Bane: Conquest #4: Bane’s path crosses with Catwoman’s as he matches wits with Dionysius. -Ian 3/5


Main DC Universe Books

Justice League #26: The kids of the Justice League in the future are fighting to stay alive and fix the problems of their devastated world. To do this they invade the ruins of the Infinity Corp building and open a portal to the past which deposits them in front of the very cause of the devastation, the Justice League. -Jim 3.5/5


Secondary DC Universe Books (involving TBU cameos and digital firsts)

DC Comics Bombshells #32 (digital chapters #95-97): The Bombshell versions of Hugo Strange, Poison Ivy, Harley Quinn, Reaper and Joker’s Daughter all appear in the issue.


Green Arrow #28: Black Canary appears briefly in the issue along with Gotham City hinting at what is coming in the next issue.


Injustice 2 #7 (digital chapters #13-14): The Injustice versions of Bruce Wayne, Black Canary, Barbara Gordon, Damian Wayne, Jason Todd, Athanasia al Ghul, Deadshot, Harley Quinn, Orca, Killer Croc, Poison Ivy and Man-Bat, as well as Alfred’s corpse all appear in the issue.


TBU Trade and Hardcover Release List

Harley’s Little Black Book HC

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