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TBU Review Roundup 11/1

Below you will find brief descriptions of this week’s comics along with the ratings. Below the main TBU titles will be the DC Universe specific titles that feature characters from The Batman Universe. Rather than giving in depth reviews for those titles, we will be describing what happens in the book involving TBU characters and how it possibly impacts the story.


Main TBU Books

Batman #34: Batman and Catwoman have traveled to the Middle East to seek out Holly Robinson, but there journey starts with an encounter with Talia al Ghul. -Matthew 2/5


Nightwing #32: Nightwing and Raptor talk over a game of Blackjack. -Paul 2/5


Secondary TBU Books (miniseries/digital firsts)

Batman: The Devastator #1: Superman’s family faces one of their worst nightmares: an evil Batman combined with Doomsday. -Ian 2.5/5


Batman: White Knight #2: Jack Napier reunites with Harley and the Gotham Rogues Gallery. Bruce Wayne attends a party and continues working with Freeze to try and save Alfred. -Adil 4.5/5


The Shadow/Batman #2: Batman and the Shadow team up again as the villains behind the Silent Seven are revealed. -Paul 4/5


Batman: The Dark Prince Charming #1: A girl who may have a connection to Bruce Wayne is kidnapped by the Joker, causing Batman to embark on a frantic quest to find her. -Adil 3.5/5


Bane: Conquest #7: After the demise of the Naja-Naja, Bane and his crew are in a race against time to find the next Naja-Naja, in direct competition with the Kobra Cult. -David 4/5


Harley and Ivy Meet Betty and Veronica #2: Harley and Ivy infiltrate a Lodge House Party to encourage Hiram Lodge to stop an eco-destroying building project, but the pair are confronted by their doppelgangers – a costumed Betty and Veronica. -Gerry 2.5/5


Main DC Universe Books

Justice League #32: Cyborg attempts to rally the Justice League against the Dark Knights. -Ian 2/5


Secondary DC Universe Books (involving TBU appearances and digital firsts)

Bombshells United #5 (digital chapters #9-10): The Bombshell versions of Clayface and the General both appear in the issue.


Deadman #1: Batman, James Gordon, Hook, Sensei and Alfred all appear in the issue.


Deathstroke #25: Riddler and Raptor appear in the issue.


Green Arrow #34: Black Canary and Clock King appear in the issue.


Injustice 2 #13 (digital chapters #25-26): The Injustice version of Damian Wayne appears in the issue.


TBU Trade and Hardcover Release List

Batman: Detective Comics: The Rebirth Deluxe Edition Book 1 HC

Two-Face: A Celebration of 75 Years HC

Justice League Volume 4: Endless TPB

Absolute Justice League: The World’s Greatest Superheroes HC

A Very DC Universe Rebirth Christmas TPB

DC’s Greatest Hits TPB Box Set


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