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TBU Rumor Mill: Lots of Alleged Details about “Rebirth”



TBU has already reported to you about how DC has been teasing something called “Rebirth” that is presumably coming sometime in 2016.  There has been speculation that it could be anything from a crossover event to a relaunch akin to the DC You Initiative from last year to a full New 52-style reboot of the entire comics line.  While DC has yet to confirm anything or release any official details, Bleeding Cool has continued to publish rumors which the site claims to have heard from unnamed sources at the comic publisher.  Below is a quick run-down of these rumors:


It has not been clarified if “Rebirth” is a hard, “New 52”-style continuity reboot. The rumored changes coming to the DC Universe this summer, possibly following issues #52 of the titles still standing from the original “New 52” launch, are:


  • Every relaunched book in the “Rebirth” might receive a “Rebirth” issue in June ahead of a new #1 issue. It’s rumored that biweekly books, possibly including “Batman,” will actually release their new #1 in June following the “Rebirth” issue.
  • While it hasn’t been “locked down,” rumors suggest that Tom King (“Grayson,” “Robin War”) will take over writing duties on the biweekly “Batman.” It’s been rumored that current “Batman” writer Scott Snyder will take over “Detective Comics,” which is said to remain monthly.
  • According to an unnamed source, seven titles will be canceled before “Rebirth.” The rumor says that “Batman/Superman,” “Superman/Wonder Woman,” “Grayson,” “Starfire,” “Black Canary,” “Midnighter” and “Doctor Fate” may end before “Rebirth.”
  • Additionally, other sources have claimed that some of those solo heroes will be moved to be a part of other books — like Starfire in “Titans,” Black Canary in “Birds of Prey” and Grayson returning to “Nightwing.”
  • With the end of “Batman/Superman” and “Superman/Wonder Woman,” it’s rumored that a new series starring all three heroes, titled “Trinity,” will debut sometime after the initial “Rebirth.” The biweekly “Trinity” will star Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman.
  • A number of new books are rumored to launch as part of “Rebirth,” although none of these appear to be specific to TBU yet.
  • Peter Tomasi is rumored to be the new “Superman” writer. The book is mentioned as being bi-monthly as opposed to bi-weekly like “Batman,” but considering the dual meaning of “bi-monthly,” it’s possible that “Superman” will be on an every-other-week schedule like “Batman.”
  • A new “Justice Society of America” book is rumored to arrive as part of “Rebirth,” starring what’s described as a team of young heroes brought forward in time, where they will fight alongside the JLA.
  • In addition to a new “Titans,” series, it’s rumored that there will also be a “Teen Titans” series, which will feature Damian Wayne in the lead as Robin.
  • Another rumor states that one of the integral ideas of “Rebirth” depends on something in the upcoming “Batman v Superman” film — but that plot point is still a secret to both the editors and creators working on the new line.


“Rebirth” is rumored to arrive in June and TBU will be here with you reporting about these continued rumors and will let you know once all or none of them are confirmed or denied by DC.

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