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TBU Rumor Mill: ‘Pennyworth’ TV Series In The Works?



It may have taken DC an impressively long time to get their film universe off the ground, but their television plate has been brimming for a while now. Therefore it’s almost unsurprising that according to io9, the company recently trademarked the name of Pennyworth for a“production of live-action, dramatic comedy television series.”


This has all the potential in the world to be fascinatingly dreadful, however let’s look at it from another perspective. The relationship between Alfred and Bruce Wayne has always been one of the foundations of Batman mythology. It’s not one, however, that has had a definitive origin from the former’s point of view. How exactly did Alfred come into contact with the Wayne family? What is his history with the British Army and how did he transition into becoming a butler? Who were Alfred’s family and friends and how did they help mold him into the man audiences know and love? All of these questions may have been touched upon in the seventy-seven years his employer has been hitting comic book shelves, but a definitive live action take on a character who is arguably as recognizable as Dick Grayson (Robin) is something that could be a welcome addition to the Batman mythos.


How do you feel about the news? Do the words “Dramatic Comedy” put you off or do you feel there’s wiggle room for something unique? Sound off below!

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