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TBU Rumor Mill: Ben Affleck to Have Full Creative Control on Batman Film

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We’re now over six weeks past the release of Batman v Superman and while overall the film made a profit, it’s highly likely that the film will earn less domestically than the non 3-D, R rated film Deadpool. Given that BvS has arguably the two most iconic super-heroes of all time, the fact that the feature didn’t reach $1 billion globally is disappointing enough , never-mind coming second to a once seen side player in the X-Men universe. With recent reports of unsettled directors, it should come as no surprise that Warner Brothers are reportedly set to give Ben Affleck the reigns to the Bat kingdom.


Heroic Hollywood are reporting that according to their sources “Ben Affleck and Geoff Johns have complete creative control on this movie, they’re going to be calling all the creative shots and not have any outside interference”. Not only this, but the aftermath of BvS may be changing the landscape of the DCEU in more ways than one. According to birth.movies.death, the studio is in constant battle with Zack Snyder while filming for Justice League continues, and director James Wan is considering his involvement with Aquaman’s solo film. This may have lead Warner Bros. to sweeten the deal with Affleck and leave his leash longer than other directors (it helps when you’re also the star), so as to keep their prized asset happy.


With this news comes information regarding the direction Affleck may take his solo Batman film. Birth.movies.death have been busy recently, and according to their sources the likelihood is we will see the majority of Batman’s main rogues in the Dark Knight’s standalone outing. How they do this will be interesting, as presumably the studio would want some big names to fill the shoes of some of the most recognizable villains in comic book history. It stands to reason that the Joker would be front runner as the film’s main antagonist, but would it be so far fetched that he unleashed Arkham Asylum onto an unsuspecting Gotham City? Only time will tell, but if Affleck is indeed given the freedom he warrants, we may be in for something very special.

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