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TBU Versus: Volume 1-Batman vs. Superman Round Three


TBU Versus: Superman vs Batman





Round three. Hush shall be our battleground. Towards the end of the first volume, one of the greatest showdowns actually occurred within the DC Universe’s continuity. This occurred in the original storyline for Hush, an exceptional book written by Jeph Loeb and illustrated by the legendary Jim Lee. Kids, the artwork is exceptional. I’ll try not to gush too much, but this is the first book I picked up as an adult and chose to read. It will always be one of my favorites, and I guess I set the bar kind of high for myself by doing so. But hey, what better book to jump into the wilderness that is continuity than this book? Anyways, let’s get started.



The Criteria


1) Motivation


Batman- Batman is motivated to stop Poison Ivy. Unfortunately, in order to do that, he must face Clark. Clark is under mind control by Poison Ivy who used lipstick laced with green Kryptonite to break through his lips and use her mind control toxins to break into Clark’s mind. Bruce is now motivated to not only free Clark, but save himself and Catwoman from him. And in so doing, stop Poison Ivy. I’d say Bruce has a lot to motivate him. Point.


Superman – Superman is motivated by Ivy’s will. Ivy is not willing to go back to Gotham, nor be stopped by Batman and Catwoman. Clark is definitely motivated. Point.


2) Preparation


Batman – Batman has brought a green Kryptonite ring that Clark gave him years ago when they first worked together, and during their time with the Justice League. As Bruce says, “You don’t come to Metropolis and not be prepared for him.” Also, he chooses to stand his ground in an underwater, lead-lined pipe system built and owned by LexCorp. He knew about after studying a showdown between Clark and the Parasite. Point.


Superman – Most definitely not prepared. How can you be prepared for an opponent you know is human? Even if he is the most incredible human being on the planet. So Clark is not really ready for what Bruce has in store for him. No point.


3) Caution/Wariness/Vigilance



Batman – I will refer again to the quote from Preparation. Also, as soon as Bruce realizes Clark is Ivy’s champion, he doesn’t stand and fight. Immediately. He dives underwater, and goes into a lead-lined pipeline built by LexCorp. One that Parasite used to fight Superman in a previous encounter. Point to Bats.


Superman – As he’s under Ivy’s control, and is simultaneously fighting its power over him, it’s clear that Clark has once again not been cautious. His naivete once again triumphs over him. But then again, when you’re such a powerhouse, why wouldn’t you feel confident whenever you went after any particular villain or opponent? No point.


4) Abilities/Gadgets Used


Batman – Bruce didn’t screw around here. This is regular continuity, so you know Bruce will be ready. He brings a sonic frequency device that gives any dog in range, and Clark, the most splitting headache ever from the sound they’re hearing. Oh, yes, he has a Kryptonite ring. Given to him by Clark himself years ago, as they both had several encounters where Supes was under mind control, something that has frequently occurred throughout his career. Kevlar gloves to help withstand the punches he’s dishing out to Clark. Don’t forget, Clark is only slowed by the Kryptonite. It’s still like punching a brick wall when you hit him. Point to Bats.


Superman – He utilizes several abilities but many others aren’t used as well. Freeze breath, flight, super strength. Clark is really trying to hold back in the fight. Remember, he’s fighting Ivy’s grip on him through the whole thing. However, as he is still holding back, Bruce did have to prepare just because it’s Supes. Point to Clark, for just being a Kryptonian.


5) Environment


Batman – Point to Bats. Lead-lined pipeline owned and built by LexCorp. Enough said.


Superman – Clearly at a disadvantage with this pipeline. And Bruce uses the fact that they’re underneath the Daily Planet to his advantage by lying to Clark that there’s a gas main in the piping with them. No point.



6) Allies Involved


Batman – Catwoman is with him on this one. She is sent to intercept Lois Lane at the top of the Daily Planet. Point to Bats, mainly for tactical usage of his ally.


Superman – I guess you could count Poison Ivy as an ally, but not really. Her control over him is actually a hindrance as his attention is divided between holding back and fighting her will. Either way, with or without an ally, I’m giving a point to Clark on this one. As always, because he’s Superman, he never needs an ally. Such a beast.


7) Is the story memorable?


Batman – Um… Duh! Point to Bruce.


Superman – DUH! Superman shows up as Ivy’s champion. Totally memorable. Point to Clark.




Okay so let’s see who has more points now.


Batman Logo Superman Logo
Preparation Batman Logo  
Caution/Wariness/Vigilance Batman Logo  
Abilities/Gadgets Used Batman Logo  Superman Logo
Environment Batman Logo  
Allies/Rogues Involved Batman Logo Superman Logo
Is the story memorable?  Batman Logo Superman Logo
Overall Round Winner
Batman Logo  


Ok, so the final tally is as follows: Point to Bats for every bit of criteria. First time this has happened. Wow. And four points to Supes not including environment, caution/wariness/vigilance, and preparation. Batman is the victor. That makes three rounds and counting. Supes needs to step his game up! Tower of Babel is next Bat boys and girls.


Posted by Chris Gering

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