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TBU Versus: Volume 1-Batman vs. Superman Round Five

TBU Versus


Good news, Bat-fans. My editor pointed out to me that Batman: The Dark Knight issues #5 and #6 include another Bats vs. Supes encounter. So, we’re gonna go for six rounds. Now, let’s get to Round 5.



Superman/Batman: Torment is about one of Darkseid’s minions using Jonathan Crane, Scarecrow, to create a form of his toxin to affect Superman and use him to acquire the staff of Highfather to return Darkseid’s Omega powers to him. Batman, upon discovery of such plans, pursues Desaad to Apokolips through a closing Boom Tube. Okay, let’s get cracking on this.  


The Criteria


1) Motivation


Batman – Bruce’s motivation is to free the mind control over Superman by Desaad, an agent of Darkseid, as well as preventing Darkseid from getting Highfather’s staff from the Source Wall. Point


Superman – Superman’s motivation is not applicable. However, since Desaad controls him, Desaad’s motivation is to stop Batman from preventing his carefully laid plans from coming to fruition. Point.



2) Preparation  


Batman – Though on the trail before Superman even begins feeling the effects of this new fear toxin, he is relatively unprepared for this fight. Only his wits keep him alive. No Point.


Superman – None at all. He’s caught completely by surprise. No point.


3) Caution/Wariness/Vigilance


Batman – Having faced Darkseid and his minions before, Bruce is more than cautious as he has no powers to match any of them. He must use wits and skills, as always. Point.


Superman – Under mind control. Not aware of what’s going on. Also, he has never faced Scarecrow’s fear toxin as any other form would not be strong enough with his Kryptonian physiology. Thus, this form of it, affects him differently. No Point.


4) Abilities/Gadgets Used  


Batman – A gas mask and his will against Scarecrow’s new fear toxin. No Point.


Superman – His will also aids him. This keeps him anchored to life while still trapped inside the Source. This eventually allows him to leave the Source and mind control. Their fight, however, he is aided by Desaad’s control over him. It keeps his conscious unfettered from his mind. Clark isn’t holding back this time kids. Point.



5) Environment  


Batman – Not applicable. He’s outmatched due to Desaad’s mind control over Superman. No Point.


Superman – Due to his invulnerability, strength, speed, flight, heat vision, Clark clearly has the advantage, whether he’s in Metropolis or on Darkseid’s worldship. Point. 


6) Allies/Rogues Involved  


Batman – Bruce is aided by Bekka, one of the New Gods and wife to Orion. Her knowledge of Darkseid’s world ship is crucial as well as her intangibility field. Point.


Superman – Batman and Highfather are his allies. (Dang!) Highfather helps him escape mind control and from the very Source itself. But Batman is his anchor at the proper moment, which ultimately frees him from the Source. However, in their fight, Desaad’s control of him is what makes him dangerous in their scuffle. Point.



7) Is the story memorable?


It’s a toss up for me on this one. Superman goes into the Source itself and comes back. Bruce realizes he’s never truly let himself love despite his yearning for Bekka. Point to both.  


The final count is:


Batman Logo Superman Logo
Preparation   Superman Logo
Caution/Wariness/Vigilance Batman Logo  
Abilities/Gadgets Used   Superman Logo








Superman Logo
Allies/Rogues Involved Batman Logo Superman Logo
Is the story memorable?  Batman Logo Superman Logo
Overall Round Winner
  Superman Logo


Winner of this round: Superman! Wow. So, Batman has finally lost a round. *%*$! I didn’t think that was possible. I stand corrected. I wonder how Round 6 will go.


Posted by Chris Gering

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