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TBU Versus: Volume 1-Batman vs. Superman Round Six

TBU Versus


Okay Bat-people, this is it. The final round. After the final tally for this round, we will tally up all the rounds together. An ultimate winner will be decided.



Let me get right to it. The comic we’re reviewing is Batman: The Dark Knight issues #5-6. Essentially, since I’m not up to speed on current continuity, Batman has pursued Scarecrow to a remote abandoned location and cornered him only to be hit with a new form of his fear toxin. One that even he is having trouble overcoming through sheer willpower. Superman shows up, due to a similar occurrence involving the Flash being exposed to the same form of the toxin. Since Superman needs Batman’s prior knowledge of Scarecrow’s fear concoction in order to save Flash from its effects, he seeks Bruce out. Only to see him suffering the same problem. The results are the reason that this is Round 6. They throw down. Let us begin.


The Criteria


1) Motivation


Batman – With an alternate form of Scarecrow’s fear toxin pumping through his veins, Bruce is experiencing an enhanced feeling of euphoria and is feeling bold enough to take Clark down with his bare hands. Ballsy. Point.


Superman – As this is, in new continuity, early in Bruce and Clark’s relationship, Clark and Bruce aren’t necessarily best friends but they respect the hell out of each other. Also, Barry Allen has also been drugged with the same new strain of Scarecrow’s fear toxin. Thus, with Bruce’s knowledge of Scarecrow’s toxin, and his willpower to beat it, Clark needs Bruce to snap out of it. I’d say this counts. Point.



2) Preparation


Batman – He has no preparation for once. He’s barely aware of what’s happening since he’s fighting the toxin off with his willpower. No point.


Superman – He’s aware of Bruce fighting the toxin, but is unprepared for Bruce’s reaction to it. No point.


3) Caution/Vigilance/Wariness


Batman – Due to being sprayed with a new form of Scarecrow’s fear gas, Bruce doesn’t have his usual wits about him. In fact, Scarecrow gives him an additional injection of it, straight into his bloodstream. He’s at a disadvantage on this one. No point.


Superman – Completely aware, and even knows Bruce has beaten the toxin in its normal form before. He’s got Bruce on this one. Point.



4) Abilities/Gadgets Used


Batman – No gadgets. Just his fighting skills. Point.


Superman – Using a great deal of self-control, he hurls Bruce into a farm house, which succinctly ends the fight. And Clark is heavily limiting himself on this one. Still gets it. Point.


5) Environment


Both – No significant advantage to either of them. Not applicable. No points.



6) Allies/Rogues Involved


Batman – As far as the actual fight, Scarecrow’s toxin gives him the boost to even start the fight. It could go either way, but I’m giving Bruce this one. Point.


Superman – No one helps. Just his Kryptonian might. Point.


7) Is the story memorable?


Batman – Yes. Despite starting the fight as a reader I’ve never seen Bruce become so bold to just start swinging at Bruce’s Kryptonian head. Plus, getting the snot kicked out of him sparks the adrenaline in his blood that neutralizes the toxin. Despite his loss, he deducts that it’s his adrenaline boost that resolves the problem and informs Clark so he can catch Barry and save him. Point.


Superman – Yes. He comes to aid not only Bruce, but ultimately Barry. He is able to put aside own personal goals, as usual, to help the greater good. He holds back enough to put up Bruce’s lack of control under the effects of the fear toxin, and with one punch knocks the sense back into the world’s greatest detective. This definitely counts. Point.



The final count:


Batman Logo Superman Logo
Caution/Wariness/Vigilance   Superman Logo
Abilities/Gadgets Used Batman Logo Superman Logo


Allies/Rogues Involved Batman Logo Superman Logo
Is the story memorable?  Batman Logo Superman Logo
Overall Round Winner
  Superman Logo


Okay. The final score is Batman with four points; Superman with five points. Superman wins the final round.


The ultimate winner after six rounds, however, is: Batman with four rounds to Superman with two rounds. The Dark Knight emerges victorious. There you have it Bat-people. Batman kicks Superman’s Kryptonian ass. Spread the word.


Posted by Chris Gering

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