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Batman vs Superman-Who would really win?


While this is not news, I figured that being the fourth of July here in the States and there not being news today or over the weekend, I figured we would start entering the debate of Batman vs Superman. While you would probably imagine that we are pretty one-sided, but who would really win? I was sent a new video discussing a number of the match-ups they have had in the comics.




In addition to the video, be sure to check out our very own Chris Gering’s TBU vs series where the first volume delved a little more in depth into the individual match-ups between the two.


Posted by Dustin Fritschel

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  • Donovan Grant


    I'm sorry, but that was horrible. This thing was insanely biased and deliberatley misinterprets story's in order to "prove" a point it decided to reach before even thinking of reasons why.


    The fact of the matter is that if it ever came down to it, Batman cannot defeat Superman in a fight. He just can't, it's impossible. Superman is too strong and too powerful for Batman to even begin to anticipate what will happen to him. And Clark's no dummy. He's not someone who relies on the basic nessecities of his powers to win, that's a misunderstanding. If he wanted to, he could just snap Batman's spine everytime he felt Bruce was a threat.

    "But what about Batman's kryptonite ring?"

    Superman speed-blitzes through him.

    "But what about Batman using magic?"

    Superman speed-blitzes him.

    "But what about-"

    Superman speed-blitzes him.

    The only time Batman could ever incapacitate or kill Clark is if he hits him with no warning, and that's not really a fight, is it? The entire premise, inspired by Dark Knight Returns, is contingent on Batman actively going after Superman on his best day and Superman not trying to survive. In DKR, Batman knew he only had a limited amount of time to go up against Clark and threw everything at him. He disoriented him, he distracted him, and he hit him with a suit of armor. Did he beat Superman? NO! Superman wasn't dying or lost conciousness. Bruce basically played around until he faked a heart attack. At any time Clark wanted to, he could have put his fist through Bruce's head. The whole thing about morality is acting like Batman's willing to kill and Superman isn't. If we're operating in a scenario where Batman would be willing to kill Superman, we cannot pretend that Superman wouldn't be willing to do the same, or at the very least, cripple Batman in order to save himself. To act otherwise is to think with blinders on.

    And the Joker killed himself.

    But to hit up his points one by one:

    ALLIES-1) then that doesn't make it a Batman/Superman fight, and 2) w/o kryptonite (the dumbest thing in comics according to this guy) what exactly are Green Arrow and others going to do to Superman?

    CONTENGENCIES) Again, this relies on the famous "TIME TO PLAN" mantra, and therefore doesn't make it a fight. It makes it a mugging. If I got the drop on the Rock and pistol-whipped him to death, you can't honestly say that I'd 100% beat the Rock in a fight.

    FEAR) Superman isn't afraid of Batman. Batman can get the drop on him, but the two men are too close to be afraid of one another. Anything saying anything else is bad writing. But granting that he is, Superman doesn't live out of fear of others. Batman doesn't live out of fear of others. They either know they'll always win the day or they take care of whatever's going on WITHOUT having to kill. This is a non-issue.

    And the JLA didn't kick Batman out because they were afraid. He violated their trust and they were going to vote him out, but he left before the results were given.

    BRUCE WAYNE) …..seriously? Bruce doesn't have the power of influence to ruin another person's life or made them a fugitive. He's not a political figure, and he's never done that before. He's a drunken playboy who owns Wayne Enterprises but leaves everything to Lucious Fox. He's not going to run a smear campaign on another city's hero and be taken seriously. Think about it. He could do the same thing for the Flash, and would have an entire city to contend with. It wouldn't work.

    TECHHNOLOGY) Superman wins. He's never been beaten by tech before. If Batman had a Kryptonite mecha, Superman would just pound it with a lead door. If it were made of anything else, Supes throws him into the sun.

    KRYPTONITE) Kryptonite only lasts for so long, and you need to basically inject it into Superman's body for it to effectively kill him. In Hush, Batman fought to the edge of his ass because he knew at any moment Superman would flatten him. Him punching Superman? One more shot and his hand would have broken. He says it in the book. If Batman throws it at Supes, he'd just dodge. If Batman shot him with a Kryptonite bullet…yeah it'd kill him. But how does that make him different than Lex Luthor? Besides, Batman doesn't use guns.

    MORALITY) As said before, this operates on the idea that Superman would be willing to hold back and Batman wouldn't be. In a serious fight, how is that possible? If Superman had to defend himself to an extent past DKR or attack Batman to an extent past Hush, Batman's dead. He's dead guys. It doesn't work to pretend otherwise.

    I'm a lifelong Batman fan, way more than Superman, but this whole idea is frankly crap. If we're being serious with ourselves, we can't just hadicap the Man of Steel just so we can make Batman look cooler. And for God's sake, if we're going to cite comic book stories, get them right.

    • @Donovan WOW. Rant much? Superman could have the uper hand in plenty of situations, but I do think Batman could take him out if he needed to.

  • Corbin Pool

    Haha! @Dustin ^^ this. 

  • Donovan Grant

    He could, but it'd have to be in a pre-emptive strike kind of fashion. The way people go on about how Superman could "NEVER BEAT" Batman in a fight or in general is wrong. I'm not really a great fan of the two being mortal enemies anyway, that's been beaten into the ground way too much.

  • Alex

    I thought this was a great video, and I agree with his points. It just shows more reasons why I like Superman, because of his compassion. Thanks for posting Dustin!

  • Ryan Brown

    Donovan is completely right. And I am a far bigger fan of Batman, but every arguement I ever hear about Batman winning relies on blind bias for the Dark Knight.

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