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TBU Collected: Batman: Death by Design



Join Ed, Donovan, Stella and Kristina as they review Batman: Death by Design.



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  • Terry

    I had very mixed feelings about this book.  It was one of the most beautifully drawn graphic novels I've ever read and I really did like the call back to the original Detective Comics #27 introduction of Batman with the way he was drawn.  However, my biggest problem with this was that it was a Batman book in which Batman didn't appear very much.  You noted that Bruce Wayne was a way more prominent figure in this book than Batman was, and that would be fine but I felt like we didn't really get any development of the character of Bruce Wayne or his relationship with his alter-ego.  I finished it just concluding it was a book based on the concept of architecture and the art surrounding that and the story was always meant to be secondary.