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TDKR According to David Letterman…

Anne Hathaway

Recently, on an episode of the David Letterman Show, Dave apparently blew the lid off of The Dark Knight Rises by revealing a major plot point. Anne Hathaway happened to be the guest that evening. She apologized to Christopher Nolan on the air immediately following Dave’s comments. This story has appeared on the news, and I’ve looked up several articles regarding it just to get the facts. I was not able to see the actual episode, but I saw several clips. First, Dave says… Wait. Hang on. Ok, POTENTIAL SPOILERS! From this point on, you have officially been warned.


Dave said on the air that at the end of the upcoming film, Batman dies. He then retracted his statement and said, No, Batman doesn’t die. However, Anne Hathaway, playing Selina Kyle/Catwoman, responded to Dave’s supposed revealing by saying that he has brought Christopher Nolan’s wrath down upon him. Damn. Nolan has a wrath. Cool. Anyway, this could easily be misconstrued. It is Anne’s response that has people nationwide wondering, did Dave really just give away the ending to the biggest sequel in recent years? Personally, I think not.


First of all, Christopher Nolan has taken great care in making sure that nothing gets leaked on his films. Especially, the Batman films. I mean did anyone actually see it coming when Liam Neeson pops up in Bruce’s mansion with his henchmen from the League of Shadows? Did you really think he was going to be the real Ra’s al Ghul? I didn’t. It came as a wonderful surprise. Just wished he’d called Bruce the Detective, a very Demon thing to say. Anyhow, it is my belief that if this “reveal” was intentional that Nolan set it up that way. This close to the release, not only will it boost sales as people will be wondering whether or not Batman is going to die, but it got national news coverage. Everyone is wondering whether it’s true now. I highly doubt it. No one has yet tried to kill off Batman in a Bat-franchise film, to date. Also, Christian Bale has been quoted saying that if Christopher Nolan were to do any more Bat films, that he would be on board. This was in response to the announcement that Warner Brothers has greenlit a Justice League movie, as a result of the astounding success of the Avengers film.


Also, watch Anne Hathaway’s response for yourself. She doesn’t freak out or have a look of genuine shock on her face. As if she knew Dave was going to say that. Also, Dave waited until the end of the interview to drop the proverbial ball. Timing is everything after all. This instance seems to have been very well timed, in that case. Fear not Bat boys and girls. I doubt our beloved Dark Knight is going to literally die. However, it would be interesting to see Joseph Gordon-Levitt take over the mantle from Christian, if that were a way to make Dave’s statement true. However, that is just me speculating. Find out for yourself, as I will, on July 20. Or, for the truly die hard readers of our website and Bat-fans everywhere, go to the midnight screening tomorrow night. Have fun, be safe, and don’t forget your grapple gun. Cheers kids.



Posted by Chris Gering

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  • Alex Aguilera

    Finally, I get to read this article. I've tried avoiding as many spoilers and trailers as possible. As soon as I got back from the Midnight movie, I watched the trailers and some reviews. Kind of ironic.