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TDKR: Bane is Revealed

Today, the first step in what is expected the next viral marketing campaign kicked off and showed off Tom Hardy as Bane. But before we get to that, how did we get the pic?


Well, it all started by the official website appearing online with a black screen and an audio file playing. Further deduction revealed that the audio file of people chanting was a code. A user over at SuperHeroHype found out that the audio was providing the following phrase, "#thefirerises".


That is a Twitter hash. By heading over to Twitter and posting it in your account the account @thefirerises messaged you back with a link back to the official website and hash tag art was found creating an image of Tom Hardy as Bane.


Once enough people tweeted the phrase the final image appeared.


The Dark Knight Rises-Bane


Posted by Dustin Fritschel

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