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TDKR: Glasgow Shooting Details

When the press release was issued describing that production on The Dark Knight Rises, one question was asked in regards to their announcement; why are we just hearing about The Dark Knight Rises filming in Scotland? Well, we received the answer today via The Daily Record.

Glasgow is to be transformed into Gotham City in the latest Batman film sequel.

Shooting has already begun in London and Croydon and will head north for several scenes early next month.

Nolan, who previously used Chicago to depict Gotham, wanted to use several different locations to create a Gotham nobody would recognise. A source revealed: "He plans to use various cities to provide a mash-up of what Gotham will look like.

"Glasgow was location-scouted for the last film Dark Knight, though in the end it wasn't used. This time, Chris already has several scenes in mind.


"The city centre architecture is hugely impressive. But he will be filming in secret.


So the reason we did not hear about it before hand is because Nolan already scouted the location years ago when scouting for The Dark Knight. So as the article states, this filming will take place next month.


Posted by Dustin Fritschel

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