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TDKR: News Bits 5/18

A couple of interesting news bits have popped up since we posted the story earlier about the new posters that were revealed.


First up, Marion Cotillard talked with Empire about some of her upcoming films and although it was brief, The Dark Knight Rises was brought up as well. After being asked about the film she replied with the following:


“I cannot say much, as you know, which is a good thing. I like to go to the movies without any information, then you have surprises. But as you saw from the last trailer, I get to kiss Batman.” And how was it? “How was it to kiss Batman?” she smiles, enigmatically, then mock-shudders. “Jeez…”


So does the fact that she states that she kisses Batman and not Bruce Wayne mean something? We have already seen her kissing Bruce Wayne in the latest trailer, but could she be kissing Batman as well, or is it just that the same actor is playing both and the reference was vague?


The other news bit is that in the latest issue of Rolling Stone, there was a one page image of Bane and a number of comments regarding his look from Chris Nolan. Pay attention to what is stated about the mask.


Rolling Stone-The Dark Knight Rises Bane


We have seen it referenced that the mask on Bane is actually a gas mask from costume designer Lindy Hemming back in November. This probably means that there is no venom like the comic book interpretation of the character, and instead the mask serves a different purpose.


The Dark Knight Rises hits theaters July 20.


Posted by Dustin Fritschel

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