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TDKR: Not Completely in IMAX

Wally PfisterTheWrap.com has posted an interview with Wally Pfister. Pfister was the director of photography on The Dark Knight and Batman Begins. He has worked with Chris Nolan on every film Nolan has done since Memento.


There was a rumor floating around about The Dark Knight Rises completely filmed in IMAX since Nolan announced that The Dark Knight Rises will not be filmed in 3D. Pfister recently attended a screening for Inception and was asked a number of questions about The Dark Knight Rises.


Although Pfister hasn't officially been hired for The Dark Knight Rises yet, he shared his insight on the idea of filming in complete IMAX format. Pfister said that they would most likely try to shoot as much as they can in IMAX format, but the entire movie will not be in IMAX. The reasons he gave were that cost would be a concern as well as the inability to capture sound.


Pfister also brushed off the current speculation about filming in New Orleans and mentioned that he probably won't see the script until early next year.


Posted by Dustin Fritschel

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