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TDKR Rumor Mill: India and Photos?

Alright so there are a couple of things to cover today. And there are a lot of picture to go with this post so it may seem longer than normal.


First up, it appears that Nolan and company will be heading to India as well as the other confirmed locations according to an Indian news agency who have posted a small story online stating that The Dark Knight Rises will be heading to the town of Jodhpur. The article states that the Information and Broadcasting Ministry has given the go ahead for the filming to take place. The city is known as the Blue City and based on the following picture you may be able to see why.




Next up, there are some new photos of Tom Hardy in his current bulked up state that have hit the net via TomHardy.org. These show Hardy shirtless and you can see that he has definitely bulked up for his role. It is also worth mentioning that the photos seem to be taken in the same location as the photo we saw last week.


Tom Hardy Bulked Up


Tom Hardy Bulked Up


The last rumor is a good one, at least for me. Why? Well, because I am going to debunk it. There is a picture floating around the net claiming that it show Christian Bale in a makeup test for The Dark Knight Rises. Here is the pic.


Christian Bale Maekup Test


Now one could imagine what the plot could be about if this was actually from The Dark Knight Rises. But this is in fact a photo of a makeup test done for Rescue Dawn back in 2006. This photo has popped on the net before and has been associated with Nolan. Back in 2009, a member of the SupereroHype forums posted this referring to the makeup artist and comparing the work done for Heath Ledger in The Dark Knight. Here is a photo from Rescue Dawn where you can see the similarities between the test and the on-screen work.


Christian Bale Rescue Dawn


So this rumor is false.


The Dark Knight Rises is set to begin filming next week, so we can expect plenty of other rumors to be popping up soon.


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