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TDKR Rumor Mill: Ra's Wife & Shooting Schedule

So there were a number of different things that popped up over the weekend and today.


First up, according to Badass Digest posted a brief story regarding the filming in Jodhpur and has determined that it might be because of Ra's al Ghul. They also have a source that says that they are currently looking to cast someone for the role of Ra's wife.


My sources – who have been pretty good so far – tell me that they’re casting Ra’s Al Ghul’s wife right now. We may get a serious look back at the life of Ra’s.


So this does play into the previous rumors regarding a flashback of Ra's when he was much younger.


On to the other rumors, Batman-on-Film shared some "source shared" information with them laying out the shooting schedule as well as a couple of other minor things.


As far as the shooting schedule this is what they are saying it will be:


* The shoot in India is a short one.
* Filming in Pittsburgh is only going to last about 3 weeks.
* Back overseas for a shoot in the UK and then probably headed to NYC.
* Most of the filming looks to be taking place in LA — studio/soundstage work he assumes.


In addition to the shooting schedule, their source also says that an official synopsis may be released soon.


So what do you think? Where is the majority of the film going to be filmed?


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