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TDKR Rumor Mill: Airports and Nixon?

A number of rumors have hit the net in the past day including more shooting locations, "a key villain" and more viral marketing.


According to Highland News, the production company for The Dark Knight Rises has signed a deal with the Inverness Airport. there is little known about the deal other than the footage will be shot in the next couple of weeks.


Over at Batman-News.com, they came across a tweet by the Mayor of Newark, New Jersey that says that he has met with some of Nolan's team to discuss possible scenes being filmed there as well.


It was only a few days ago, that we shared a rumor about Matthew Modine being cast in the film and apparently Showbiz411 has a source that claims that the character will play "a politician and a key villain". Hmmm…a corrupt politician? Who would have thought that character named Nixon would turn into that?


Finally, over at ComicBookMovie.com they have an article that focuses on this video.




While, at least to me it appears to be fake, time will tell its authenticity.


Posted by Dustin Fritschel

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