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TDKR: Rumor Mill-Anne Hathaway Audition?

I told you all about a rumor that was floating around last month about a number of high profile actresses that could be auditioning for The Dark Knight Rises. Anne Hathaway was one of those actresses and she has shed a little light on her possible audition. Or did she? Deadline.com was interviewing her about her recent work in Love and Other Drugs and they mentioned Chris Nolan and her up for a role.


Anne Hathaway


Deadline: There is a strong group of actresses in your age range who are mentioned for all the plum parts that come along. It’s going on right now as Chris Nolan gets started on a new Batman, and you’ve been mentioned as a candidate for that. Do you find yourself competing against certain actresses or any you measure yourself against?

Anne Hathaway: Of course, but that has always been the case. There is always competition…I don’t know how to answer that question, it feels too revealing, somehow.


Well, the answer to the question could be perceived in a number of ways. Did she audition and just can't talk about it? Was she cast but can't announce it until the studio does? Who knows. I would be happy to see Hathaway done the Catwoman costume in The Dark Knight Returns.


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