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TDKR Rumor Mill: Anne Hathaway on Set?

A few new rumors have popped up in Pittsburgh these past few days. While filming has been for the most part taking place indoors, there are some things still happening that fans can see.


One of the multiple tumblers that we have shown in the past has a retractable rocket launcher built into the vehicle. It seems that Wayne Industries really went to the lengths of producing these vehicles outside of bridge creation. Images are from Matt Maranowski.


The Dark Knight Rises Rocket Launcher Tumbler


The Dark Knight Rises Rocket Launcher Tumbler


Next up, the Post Gazette has posted details about a scene filmed including a Lamborghini.


The Dark Knight Rises Lamborghini


An hour later, a gun-metal gray Lamborghini with a license plate that was a shortened form of BANKRUPT screeched up to the intersection of Fifth and Bellefield avenues. Christian Bale — as either Bruce Wayne or Batman — was not at the wheel. A stunt driver then rounded the bend and went down Fifth Avenue as all heads turned in his direction.


Wonder if that has anything to do with Miranda Tate?


This weekend the scene involving the Gotham Rogues football team is set to shoot and there is new information coming out about the scene. As it appears the ground might be opening up and sucking some players in. Well, we'll see. One of the people playing a player in the scene tweeted a pic of the Gotham jersey.


The Dark Knight Rises Gotham Rogues Jersey


Lastly, a bit about Anne Hathaway. Although her role is proving to be more secretive than anything else from the set, she did finally make an appearance in Pittsburgh. She wasn't in costume or any other form of film wardrobe. Just found on the steps of the Gotham City Hall. While most of her scenes are probably inside and few are going to involve her in a fist fight with Bane, a rumor is slowly building in regards to a mask that was spotted. As it turns out, eyeprime posted a few images of who some are calling a stand-in actress for Anne Hathaway. She was seen carrying a mask yesterday. Let's take a look.


The Dark Knight Rises Anne Hathaway Stand-In


While it is clear that she is holding a mask, we don't really know who this person is. We don't know what the mask is for. I imagine that if this person is a stand-in, than the mask is also a stand-in and nothing near the real thing, so this is pointless to hypothesis about.


That wraps up another The Dark Knight Rises Rumor Mill. This weekend will sure bring interesting bits from Heinz Field.


Posted by Dustin Fritschel

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