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TDKR Rumor Mill: Bale Getting in Shape?

Showbiz Spy posted up an interesting article about how Christian Bale is currently getting in shape for The Dark Knight Rises. In the article, they state that despite loosing weight for a number of films he treats every film like it is his last role.


“But with Bruce Wayne and Batman he feels this is his last chance to really nail the role. He’s pouring over comic books and he’s started the kind of diet and exercise regime that is more in line with an Olympic athlete than an actor. He’s going to be in the best shape of his life by the time he gets the Bat suit on again.”


Bale will have to get in shape to be Batman this time around if he is set to go against Bane. Not sure if he will get as big as he did for Batman Begins, where he appeared without a shirt more often than in The Dark Knight, but it will definitely be different than his role in The Fighter.


Posted by Dustin

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