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TDKR Rumor Mill: Bat-wing and Chase?

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Today's rumors delve into some minor spoilers. We will see some footage of Joseph Gordon-Levitt filming a scene and photos of both Catwoman on the Bat-pod and the possible Bat-wing. So click on to see what today has brought the rumor mill.


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Alright, first up is a video yet again from Matt Maranowski from the scene that we mentioned yesterday with the snow. As it turns out Joesph Gordon-Levitt plays a part in the scene that was being filmed. While it doesn't look like much…well, it might not be much.



It appears Gotham may be under siege? Who knows, but a cop who just stands there as a rogue Tumbler drives by seems as if something isn't right.


Next up are a set of images from Ross Petrocelli. He posted on his Twitter account not only some images of Catwoman driving around an expressway, but also an interesting image of what could be Nolan's Batwing. This is a total guess as of now, but could be interesting.


The Dark Knight Rises Catwoman on Bat-pod


The Dark Knight Rises Batwing


Not sure if we will be finding any more information about this any time soon since this may be one of the biggest secrets leaked. It definitely has the same style as the Tumblers, and I am quite surprised that it is going to do location shots.


What do you think?


Posted by Dustin Fritschel

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