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TDKR Rumor Mill: Batcave and Scraps?

With the hype surrounding Comic Con over, as well as our coverage, we can get back to the normalities of news related to The Dark Knight Rises. Or in most cases, lack of news and abundance of rumors.


Yesterday, an interesting rumor hit the net about the Batcave. Kevin O'Leary, who some may know from ABC's Shark Tank, tweeted the following.


Just saw the batcave being built in stage 30 on the MGM lot but they would not let me take a pic for you Its fantastic I'm a huge Batman fan


So while we may have all assumed that a new Batcave was in the works, this may be where it will be built and filmed. We know that some of the final shooting will take place in Los Angeles and the MGM lot is located in that area. So that could be cool.


The other rumor may hold less value when mentioned. According to Bedfordshire's On Sunday (via ComicBookMovie.com) a scrap company in the UK was approached by someone from the production company looking for some scrap metal for filming in Cardington. According to the report, the scrap was picked for a scene described as a Siberian POW camp. How this plays into the film remains to be seen.


Posted by Dustin Fritschel

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